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Over fifteen years, Eglidesign team has been working to share the best that Lithuania has to offer. Within the knowledge of its people who design the furniture and create art, strong traditions of working with the raw materials like wood, marble, brass, are engraved in minds of the best artisans in the country. The creation of the pieces, composed with the longevous experience, wisdom and passion, exposes the powerful dedication and feeling for the Art in the world of modern furniture.
Our artist, led by an uncompromising desire and a crave for expressive innovation while creating the modern furniture, balances the integrity of various different materials and professional artisanal techniques.
The handmade techniques range from brass casting, wood, exotic burls, mother of pearl and marble marquetry, together with hand hammered metals and hand-sculpted solid wood. Solid wood sculptures, combined with diverse high-quality natural materials is chief in the whole aesthetic canon of Eglidesign.
The carving process imprints a timeless feeling in the pieces, as the all parts of our products are eternalized with each other. However, the carved solid wood details highlight the unique sculptural elements in every single unit.
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