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Eglidesign is more than producer of furniture pieces.
It is a brand that pays tribute to the persistent fashion and brings modern art culture with the heritage of classical tradition in handmade artistic contemporary furniture manufacturing. Our goal is to create pieces which would give one an emotion, excitement and a feeling of nostalgia. Hence, they come to production, in limited edition collection, which is supplemented by the surprising functionality of the furniture.
The history of Eglidesign started in 2000,
when extremely talented, sophisticated and soulful artist - Egle Mie - Mieliauskiene, graduated from the master degree in fine arts. Her early works included various spirited paintings and graphic design masterpieces, which have been elected for several contests in Europe. Later in her life, Egle Mie - Mieliauskiene opened a studio where the variety meticulous home interior designs were created for public and private projects. The solutions for an interior offered in the studio attracted and inspired a striking roster of clients from all around the world.
All tiny details, furniture, and decorations for her interiors were exclusively made for the customer. She understood that it is vital to assure the highest quality in the manufacturing process of luxury and artistic pieces. So, Egle Mie - Mieliauskiene decided to move one step forward by starting her own production - she opened a workshop of handmade, artistic contemporary furniture. Her lifestyle, experience, and passion resulted in the limited edition collection, which is now on a high demand all over the world. The pieces can be defined as works of art with a function. It requires rigorous work, patience, and expert craftsmanship to process the natural materials and carved details, that is why the furniture comes in limited edition.

Egle Mie - Mieliauskiene - "Our furniture - are sculptures, which reflects the world surrounding us. Like all art - they are seeking for keepers, to be contiguous with".

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