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Egle Mieliauskiene
- is an artist with a very distinctive style. She received a Masters degree in the visual arts from the Vilnius Academy of Art, and since then, her life has been filled with creative work: she has participated in plein airs, organized exhibitions, painted, worked with engravings, and illustrated books. She later began to work as an interior decorator and created one-of-a-kind furniture for her clients. This grew into a passion that completely dominated her thoughts. Despite working with several manufacturers, gaining priceless experience and participating actively in the production process, she could not reach the perfect results. Egle felt the urge to completely control the production process, which would enable her to experiment freely. She had a great desire to thrive for excellence and it could have only been possible in her own workshop, hence Egli Design was born.
Her works tell stories, and their very presence inspires surprising trains of thought. Egli is a novel that everyone can read in their own way… a never-ending story, presented aesthetically, that invents itself through sensations and sight. This is how Egle fools time itself. These are not mass-produced products – they are made for people and for their souls. They are objects that will become life-long companions.
"Is a discussion with an old friend.
It is an image, which can be heard,
an illusion with an open end.
It is and endless creation."
The creations often trigger the discussion about whether Design should be considered an art. As claimed by Egle herself – it should: “In my opinion, design is indeed art. Not only design is important because of its function or what it resembles, but also, due to the emotions it is able to trigger. I create by following my heart, with the support of my mind, making everything with my own hands. I aspire to be identified by my distinctive style, not to be associated with the current trends.”
“Thats my style, my story, which I try to pass on to you. When my pieces take the shape that I want – thats when I feel happy and when I can release them to start their own lives. I simply create – I dont dictate that things should be one way or another. Such is my path – one without answers and one that is constantly changing.”

“My mind often leaves to walk along strange, unknown labyrinths, and I dive in with my entire being to express myself in this way. If I couldnt create and live with creativity, Id go mad.”

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