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Egle Mie - Mieliauskiene
-- the founder and artist of Eglidesign, the luxurious furniture company and the creator of all the artistic pieces in it. Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1974, Egle Mie - Mieliauskiene spent her childhood in the capital city, where since the early days she would always be surrounded by the greatest artists and artisans. Her grandfather was a famous handmade violin artisan in Lithuania. Spending her days in grandfather’s workshops, Egle Mie - Mieliauskiene gained incredible patience, precision and artistic ability, observing the work every day. After graduating the Secondary school, she got a bachelor degree in Vilnius Academy of Arts. But it was not enough. She always felt that painting is her greatest passion; this unstoppable feeling and ambition led to gaining a Master degree in Fine Art. Since then, her life is completely filled with art and dedication for it.
Founder of Eglidesign Egle Mie - Mieliauskiene believes that her furniture should serve as works of art in the interior and calls them "functional sculptures". The artist has noticed that sometimes people are afraid to touch her furniture or check its functionality, thereby acknowledging its artistic values.
"I have always sought to implement my creations one hundred percent, therefore, we started bringing together professionals and invested in controlling the artwork production process from start to finish, to take the responsibility for the quality of our furniture."
“My pieces of furniture are like sculptures that reflect myself and the world around me. They, like every work of art, look for hosts, to whom they could become close and intimate, titillate imagination and cause emotions. The interior, created using our furniture, is implemented as an integral whole, as harmony itself. It is what people seek in their life, family circle and the most important space - home.”
It is easily noticeable now, that the design of her furniture is touched by glamorous and artistic mind. It is the result of Egle’s life-style, values and heritage collected from the past generations of her family.
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